NOAA World Radar - Weather, Rain & Hurricanes App Reviews

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Very inaccurate weather sometimes.

Heavy snow instead of chance of rain (on several other apps)

App poorly named

What the app does, it does well. However, this is far from a World Radar. It should be called Regional Radar until it truly covers the entire worlds land masses or at least the majority of it. It appears to cover only about 25% of the land mass.

Too difficult to bother with

You have to put in the zip code.

Needs an update

This app was THE BEST weather source, and while the info is still great, now the app freezes constantly and quits all the time. The app is frustrating to use, ever since they added ADS, it doesnt function well. Hoping for an update soon, so it works well again.

Ads? Seriously?

I would have given this app a 5 before, but now theres ads... seriously? I just want to see the radar!

Not enough

Add Turkey weather radar,update,buy.

About to delete

MyRadar is a better app. This app requires you to pay 0.99 PER MONTH to remove the advertisements. Not worth it. $1.99 to either NOAA or myRadar gives you a better add-free Radar app option. Was a 4 star app before the upgrade. Not now. You cannot give it a zero.

Horrible app - CLICK Bait!!

No relationship to NOAA. Installs itself in your Settings and takes considerable effort to override the useless "Alerts." This is nothing more than click bait designed to trick you into opening ads, some of which have Malware. The Apple Store should ban this app.


Havent purchased anything in-app. Probably wont because it crashes after just a few minutes.

Ads are enormous

Going back to default weather app. Why do I need to subscribe for weather updates?

Annoying ads

Wish I hadnt updated. The latest version has an ad banner that covers 1/4 of the screen. This went from the best weather app to the most annoying.

If its 20 Degrees F. Its cold outside but warm. Its just right. Its awesome.


Keeps me dry

Useful for my line of work

The Temp Is Always Wrong

Im in Hawaii, where the temperatures are fairly consistent year-round. Every time I open this app, it shows the local temperature about 15 degrees COLDER than similar apps (or common sense) report. The radar is fairly good -- better, in fact -- than MANY others at showing the local showers that blow through even the islands "dry side." Our avg daytime high in Jan is 82 (overnight low 68). There is NO WAY our midday coastal temps are in the high 60s, which this app reports every time I open it.

Very user friendly

Easy to use. Very friendly


Nice basic app. Use along with Wunderground radar as two maps are a little different

This is a good app.

I do like having all the important cities on my list at my fingertips. The daily weather in each city is quite accurate. My only negative is the radar, at least what I can find does not have a good cloud loop. I cannot see the incoming storms, and that is also important to me, it gives me a time frame to get my traveling done before the storms hit. Other than that I like this app. the best out of all that I have tried.


This app provides a lot of information.

Good weather app for forecasting conditions in other locations

We take many road trips and this has become my go-to app for checking what the weather will be where we are going. Obviously the 3-day will be a better prognosticator than the 10-day forecast, but the info is dynamic and as conditions alter the models, this app adjusts accordingly. One thing I would like to see rather than toggling the forecast charts would be the ability to select more than one at a time. It would be useful to look at temperature and precipitation together for example, or temperature and wind.

Hard to get a good forecast in the Caribbean

The true test will be back home but pretty good in Aruba so it cant be bad!

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